Cathy Currie

June 20 th 2018

Our little guy attended KCNS this past year and the progress he has made in his social skills, speech, and interactive play is very noticeable and will definitely prepare him for going to kindergarten in September. The transition from three half days a week to fulltime JK, I believe, will be easier for him than his brother who did not benefit from this. Connie and her staff are phenomenal - caring, engaged, and patient. I wholeheartedly recommend KCNS!

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Taryn Sommerville

June 4 th 2018

KCNS has nurtured and cared for my 3 children over the last several years. The teachers have shown nothing but encouragement, love, and patience with our kids. Our kids met friends, got invited to their first birthday parties, learned valuable social skills, and were well prepared for Kindergarten thanks to their involvement in KCNS. Some of our favourite activities were the pool parties, pond field trip, puppet shows, and the excitement of being the child who got to bring snack on a certain day! The classroom is clean and stimulating for kids. The daily walks give them exercise and an appreciation for nature. I can't say enough about this program!

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Michael Kempa

June 1 st 2018

Our daughter had a top-notch experience in her time with KCNS. The staff are friendly, supportive, and clearly expert in early childhood development and education – they use all of these skills to walk children through a year of critical development milestones by preparing a series of phenomenal experiences in and out of the classroom. In particular, structured arts and crafts, free playtime, mailing cards the children themselves and a series of phenomenal field trips help develop both structure and free exploration that is essential to children’s success. Our daughter made leaps through her time with KCNS and we enjoyed being a part of the community. Thank-you.

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Lorena De Lobel

After being in a full-time daycare for over a year and having recently moved to Ottawa, our daughter was finding it hard to adapt to the change and being home all day.  KCNS was the best decision we could have made for her.  She receives the social interaction, structure, and education that all children her age need.  KCNS is an excellent way to prepare our little ones for the big change JK means in their lives.  Connie, Grazyna, and Lyndsay are the most dedicated, sweet and experienced teachers you will ever find.  All of them made and instant connection with our daughter and won our hearts.

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Monica Kunstadt-Landon

Katimavik Co-operative Nursery School has been a part of my families life for the past six years.  I have three boys who all spent two years with the loving, supportive and organized teachers of KCNS.  The personal growth and independence my boys learned in the two short years was always evident when they entered JK - their ability to cope and thrive in a new classroom environment is due 100% to having been extremely well prepared for the first years of their schooling career.  KCNS is definitely a stepping stone to your child's life as a learner.  The school has a special spot in my heart and my appreciation of the teachers is endless.

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Shaunna Scott

I decided to put my daughter in the KCNS after her doctors recommendation that she start preschool to prep for kindergarten. My daughter has social anxiety and aside from immediate family, I have never been able to leave her with anyone. Her first drop off, I was terrified, and felt like I failed her by leaving her with "strangers". By mid day, Connie gave me a call and raved on how well my little one was doing! When she got home, she couldn't stop raving about how awesome it was and she has been hooked on preschool ever since! I never thought I would see this day and it brings tears to my eyes to think that the staff at KCNS is so amazing, loving and attentive that my little girl, in one afternoon, was beyond comfortable in a place that was unfamiliar and foreign to her. I owe the KCNS more than I could ever give them. A thank you will never be enough.


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Mandy S.

After hearing so many great things about the teachers at KCNS, I am really glad that I chose this preschool for my daughter. My daughter is a shy and tentative girl and I am so grateful for the kindness that the teachers showed her in making her feel welcome and the kindness they showed me in listening and easing my mind. The teachers of KCNS really genuinely care about the children they teach and those children are very lucky to have such experienced, warm and fun preschool teachers!


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Michelle McComas

The teachers and program at KCNS are excellent! For me the effect of this positive, welcoming, secure environment was most apparent with my oldest son. Always active and friendly with other children, my son finds socializing and interacting in a large group challenging and stressful. I was concerned he would not be ready to start kindergarten. Through the easy, unforced social interactions my son experienced at KCNS he developed the skills he needed to cope with the structure and long hours of full-day kindergarten. He transitioned into kindergarten better than I ever imagined! I only wish we had found KCNS sooner!


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David Ng

My daughter Hannah (2,5 yrs. old) comes home each day with a smile and tells me how much fun she has! It's been a very positive experience for us. Such a variety of activities both in and out. As well as very warm and welcoming!

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Natalie Cox-Valiquette

My son, William is attending KCNS this year and it has been great to see him change so much in such a short period of time. He was behind in language and because he was premature was intimidated by large groups. Since nursery school he now speaks in full sentences and has started to communicate to his classmates. Judy, Connie and Grayzna are wondeful teachers and William loves going to school. I highly recommend KCNS for any child looking to prepare for school. Thanks, ladies

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Jane Lavineway

My son Tommy loves his school He loves his teachers. The teachers encourage him to learn how to read the names of the kids in his class, to use his imagination during play time, to explore the outdoors, to dress himself after class, to be polite and play well with other children, to sing songs and play simple instruments, to learn how to pour himself a drink at snack time and so much more. The teachers are all so creative in the way they decorate the classroom to fit with the theme of what they are teaching the children. The crafts they do with the children are age appropriate and fun. They allow the children the freedom to do their own painting during playtime which encourages creativity. Overall, they make school fun as they prepare preschoolers for a lifetime of learning.
5 years ago my son Scott also attended KCNS for 2 years. He also loved the program and was very well prepared for kindergarten.

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Laura Quirk

Our son, Devin is attending KCNS this year and it has been the best experience for him. With teacher support, he has learned to communicate with words instead of expressing frustration and anger. As Grayzna says, "he is one happy boy" and thanks to these 3 wonderful teachers, he certainly seems to be these days - thanks ladies!

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