Frequently Asked Questions

For preschool children aged 2 ½ to 4 years old.   

The AM and PM programs are for children 2 ½ years old by September of registering year. 

In addition, a child who turns four by the end of December of the registering year must register for the PM program. 

At Katimavik Cooperative Nursery School each child will be accepted as a unique individual and will be encouraged to develop his or her full potential at his or her own pace. 

The school is located inside Katimavik Elementary School, at 64 Chimo Drive in Kanata.  The preschool room is located down the hall to the right of the school’s front door entrance. 

We have two main programs.  We have a 3 Day Program which runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in the morning or afternoon.  And we also have a 4 Day Program which includes the additional Thursday PM School Readiness class.  Any child already registered in the 3 Day Program can register for this class if they turn 3 or 4 years of age by end of December of the registering year. Please refer to the Registration Page for our current tuition fees. 

Three Day program:  

Morning Session - 9:00 to 11:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

Afternoon Session – 1:00 to 3:30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Four Day Program: 

Additional Thursday Afternoon School Readiness class - 1:00 to 3:30pm  

The school year begins in September and finishes near the end of June.  The school will be closed on the same holiday schedule used by the Ottawa–Carleton District School Board, excluding PD days, when we remain open.  

Please refer to the Registration page for current information on tuition fees.

In addition a non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 is required at the time of registration

along with two $50.00 Committee work deposit cheques. 

Parents must give a written notice to withdraw a child from the program or forfeit one month’s fee. 

Both the morning and afternoon three day programs allow for 24 children.  Each program is staffed by three early childhood educators.  This allows a child to adult ratio of 8:1.  The 8:1 ratio ensures that the teachers can observe the children’s handling of materials and social interactions, assess their development and encourage experiences that further their growth. 

The Thursday PM School Readiness class allows a maximum of 16 children.  This program is run by two early childhood educators.  The smaller class size allows for an excellent opportunity for the children to sample different activities which bridge the experience of nursery school to the more structured JK classroom.  For more about the additional afternoon program, click here. 

Katimavik Co-operative Nursery School (KCNS) strives to offer a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment for preschool children. Our professional staff will provide a stimulating and nurturing program that will vary and evolve according to the needs and interests of each group of children.  

While combining “How Does Learning Happen”, ELECT programming and Emergent Curriculum, we are able to provide a variety of experiences to help the children develop their skills in areas of language, cognitive, physical, social development and self regulation. Each child will be accepted as a unique individual and KCNS, together with the families, will encourage each child to develop at their own pace to reach his or her potential. The staff will foster independence and self-esteem through play and each child will be encouraged to develop their social skills through interactions with peers and adults. KCNS recognizes that parents are their child’s first teachers. The school aims to provide children with a positive environment for a formal learning experience outside of the home.  

As a co-operative, parents are an integral part of the school and, by working closely with the teachers a supportive relationship is developed between the nursery school and families. 

The children are greeted by one of the teachers and then it is off to outdoor play unless precluded by weather.  After the children come in, there are small circles focusing on songs, fingerplays, cognitive activities, games, felt board activities, stories and so much more.  Next, the children gather around the table for a nutritious snack.  Next up is free play where children can learn by exploring the different centers.  Some examples of regular areas throughout the school year are: 

  • Nature  
  • Puzzles 
  • Blocks 
  • Cars & Trucks 
  • Gross Motor play 
  • Sand and Water play areas 
  • Dress-Up/ Pretend Play 
  • Play Dough 
  • Arts & Crafts 

With the children’s help, clean up is done and the session is concluded with a large circle where music and stories are enjoyed. 

There are approximately three field trips planned each year. Participation in field trips requires the parents/guardians to transport and supervise their child during this activity. 

This additional afternoon program is open to those children who will enter Junior or Senior Kindergarten in the following school year and are enrolled in either the AM or PM 3 Day Program.  Children must be at least 3 years old by the end of December of the registering year.  

The students build confidence and self-esteem in this tight-knit group as they explore various famous artists and musicians and develop new skills through baking and drama activities. They build social skills through continuous participation in turn taking games and activities. 

Early math skills are practiced as they measure, mix and sort to create delicious cookies and soups. Beginning phonics introduces letter sounds in interesting ways e.g. making letter pretzels. The children are proud to have their very own weekly ‘homework’ where the emphasis is on developing fine motor and pre-reading skills.  

Outdoor play involves walks in the woods, skating on the outdoor rink and picnics in local parks.  

Feedback on our program has been positive as the children are prepared to begin their adventure into JK or SK. 

Children do not need to be toilet trained to register at KCNS. We will assist, at your direction, in helping your child with toilet training during their time at preschool. 

As your child is learning this important skill, we realize accidents happen, and encourage you to pack a change of clothes for your child.   

Yes, we have children in our afternoon program and in our Thursday PM School Readiness program who are 4 years old at the start of the registering year.  For some children the preschool setting with the extra hands on attention is just what they need to thrive before starting in the school system the following year.   

Yes, we register on a first come, first serve basis.  If a spot is available, your child can start during the school year.  The monthly tuition would be prorated, depending on the start date.   

Please send your children in comfortable, washable clothing.  Slip-on shoes and boots that are easy to get on and off are preferred.  Remember that we are working on independence and clothing that fits and is easy to remove is important.  Please bring a pair of indoor shoes for inclement weather and for the winter months.  Please label all clothing. 

Please send a spare set of clothing and socks in your child’s bag. All clothing, including socks and underwear, should be labeled please. 

Assume we are going out to play at the start of every class and dress your child accordingly. 

  1. Staffed by three experienced and certified Early Childhood Educators who return year after year with innovative ideas and who are caring and loving towards all children
  2. The sense of community and family fostered at the preschool
  3. It is a wonderful, fun place for your child with lots of different centres to explore and daily outdoor time 

Parents are an integral part of the school and by working closely with the teachers a supportive relationship is developed between the nursery school and our families.  The successful operation of a co-operative school depends on the involvement of its member families. Your contribution is key to the school's success.   

Each member of the co-operative is required to share in the work of the school.  All families will be scheduled for a snack duty, approximately every other month, and will be required to perform toy cleaning duties a minimum of 3 times throughout the school year.   

Each family must indicate at the time of registration its preference to participate on a committee or serve on the KCNS Executive.  KCNS has an Event Planning Committee and a Classroom Preparation Committee.  Although committee preferences are taken into account, member families are divided evenly between the committees to ensure proper balance of workload.     

Also, members (at least one parent) are required to attend the Annual General Meeting and Information Night in September.  It is a great opportunity to meet the teachers, the Executive & other parents. 

Families are scheduled to provide snack for all students in their child’s class approximately once every other month. Parents are required to provide a healthy, nut free snack for all children, to be dropped off with their child at the beginning of class. (All food preparation needs to be done at home for example, cutting cheese, washing and cutting fruit and veggies etc.).  

Parents are responsible for bringing their snack on their designated day or switching with another parent if unable to do so. 

No, there are not any duty day commitments at KCNS.  However, any parent who enjoys volunteering in the classroom for a duty day may still do so on their scheduled “snack duty day”. Alternatively, they can talk with the teachers about setting up any other day or days that would work for them. Parents are still encouraged to be involved during class time if they would like to be and are welcomed to stay when they can, provided they have a valid CRC/VSC on file at the school.   

No, there is no mandatory fundraising commitment at KCNS.  However, KCNS will host two voluntary family fun events during the school year.  In the fall, there will be a Walk-a-thon where families can collect sponsors for their child's participation in a 1 km walk while taking part in a few fun activities/exercises with their friends and family.  In the winter, there will be a Family Fun Day where your family, friends and neighbouring families can come out to enjoy some indoor fun games, and entertainment while supporting the school.