Exploration, music, communication, imagination, and participation are but a few of the social skills that your child will develop at KCNS. The ability of a child to interact positively with his peers is one of the most important skills to develop at an early age. At this key point in your child's development, our excellent staff strive to expose the children to a wide variety of positive social situations.  Learn more


Our excellent and experienced teachers form a dynamic team dedicated to providing a stimulating program for the children. The teachers participate regularly in professional development workshops enabling them to introduce new and current ideas and activities to the children on a regular basis. We strive to create a safe, fun and social environment aimed at developing a child's love of lifelong learning. Learn more


KCNS is a co-operative nursery school (co-op). This means that parents are involved in the running of the school. The co-operative aspect of KCNS is one of the many wonderful features of the school.

Through the co-op you will have the opportunity to observe and interact with your child and their friends as they weave their way through the school year. You will personally witness your child’s growth and development in a way that would not be possible without the co-op experience. 

You will also have a chance to get to know, in a more personal way than you could otherwise, the many wonderful, friendly and helpful adults (both parents and teachers) in the school. While your child makes new friends, you too will have the chance to make new friends and share in new experiences. Learn more



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