Executive Team

Executive Team

The KCNS executive consists of parents and the teachers. The executive meets monthly to discuss the operation of the school. Below is a list of the executive positions.

KCNS classroom phone: 613-592-1700 (for illness etc.)

President: Runs the meetings and oversees general operations.

Neville Arjani - narjani@payments.ca - 613-691-4425

Vice-president/Event Planner: Plans, organizes and oversees all fundraising events and ensures desired targets are met.

Hilary Dotto - hilary_dotto@yahoo.ca - 613-599-1810

Secretary/Snack Scheduler: Books meeting rooms, takes and distributes meeting agendas and minutes. Creates monthly snack schedule.

Mandy Arjani - nevilleandmandy@rogers.com - 613-866-5302

Communication/Newsletter: Compiles and distributes newsletter and sends messages to parents as required. Records minutes at executive meetings in the absence of the Secretary.

Hayley Bennett - kcnsnews@gmail.com - 613-979-5362

Publicity: Writes articles for local newspapers and arranges for advertisements, flyer distribution and general publicity.

Ian Stead - ian.stead.2010@gmail.com - 613-869-1224

Head of Classroom Preparation/Toy Cleaning Scheduler: Assigns responsibilities to help maintain the general operation of the classroom. Creates toy cleaning schedule.

Janina Ganton - janina.ganton@gmail.com - 613-435-9097

Registrar: Conducts the registration procedure, ensuring that all forms and payments of fees are collected and compiled.

Michele O'Leary  - kcnschimo@gmail.com - 613-859-0702

Treasurer: Sets up the budget and prepares financial statements; Manages the co-operative's financial affair

Erin Stead - erinbazdell@rogers.com - 613-869-1224


Connie Hicks-Lanteigne - connielanteigne@gmail.com - 613-271-6032


Grazyna Jalowiecka - grazyna.jalowiecki@rogers.com - 613-591-3889


Lyndsay Laflamme - lyndsaylaflamme@rogers.com - 613-882-4927